“Hoeve Schillewaert” dat is Kristof en Eline Schillewaert – Claeys met hun dochters June en Juliet.

Ons verhaal

In 2016, the move came from Wenduine to Oudenburg. Known terrain for Eline because her parents live on the other side “Hoeve Macarel”. Kristof traces his roots back to Wenduine on his parents’ sheep farm. 

Kristof has a bachelor’s degree in agro- and biotechnology and has been bitten by the sheep microbe all his life. 

Kristof has been active as a studbook breeder with his Texel sheep for decades and is on the board of various associations of studbook breeders. 

Twice a year you can find Kristof at two West-Flemish competitions where he has already won several major prizes. 

Eline has a bachelor’s degree in real estate brokerage. Not only does she have a passion for real estate, Eline also has a great fondness for animals. Something that was given from home. 

Eline is also known from the restaurant “Ter spoonem” in Vlissegem and from Hoeve Macarel, where she is happy to provide every passer-by with an ice cream. 

Daughters June (8) and Juliet (3) complete the family. 

Noordkroon verzorgingsproducten

Naast de verse vleesproducten kan je op de hoeve ook terecht voor verschillende aanverwante producten, waaronder het uitgebreide gamma aan verzorgingsproducten van Noordkroon. 

De crèmes van de noordkroon die gemaakt worden van het wolvet van schapen voor een natuurlijke huidverzorging. 

Kom ons assortiment ontdekken. Klovenzalfjes, gezichtscrème, crèmes voor een gevoelige huid,… 

Geef gerust een seintje en we bekijken voor u de beschikbaarheid. 


Sheepskins are always available on the farm. This in both small and large formats. White or black, the choice is yours. 

If you are interested, we are happy to discuss your preference by appointment.